Faculty and Research Scientists

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Prof. Michael Pecht Reliability & Supply Chain Policies 301-405-5323
Dr. Michael Osterman Testing and Simulation Based Failure Assessment 301-405-8023
Dr. Michael Azarian Materials Science, Photonic Devices, Tribology, and Reliability 301-405-7555 
Prof. Avram Bar-Cohen Photo Optics and Thermal 301-405-3173
Prof. David Bigio Polymers 301-405-5258
Prof. Aris Christou Flexible Displays, Semiconductor Reliability 301-405-5208
Dr. Diganta Das Parts Selection & Management, Uprating, Component Reliability 301-405-5323 
Prof. Siddhartha Das Soft Capillarity and Wetting, Micro-nanoscale transport 301-405-6633
Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta Interconnect Reliability, Accelerated Testing 301-405-5251
Prof. Bongtae Han Reliability Assessment and Prognostics 301-405-5255
Prof. Patrick McCluskey Power Electronics, Component Reliability 301-405-0279
Prof. Michael Ohadi Thermal Management 301-405-5263
Prof. Peter Sandborn Technology Tradeoff Analysis, Life Cycle Cost 301-405-3167
Dr. Robert Utter Electronic Product Development (301)-405-3884


Research Students


Ryan Aalund System Reliability and Accelerated Life Testing raalund@umd.edu
Kunal Ahuja Trench Capacitor Reliability kahuja@terpmail.umd.edu

Hirbod Akhavantaheri
Network Modeling of Counterfeit Electronics Supply Chain hirbod@umd.edu
Deepak Manohar Bondre Fretting in Connectors  deepakb@umd.edu
Clifton Buxbaum Integrated 3D Packaged DC-DC Converter cbux6@umd.edu
Rishabh Chaudhary Electrical Contacts rish5251@umd.edu
Deng Yun Chen Solder Interconnect Life Modelings dchen925@terpmail.umd.edu
Abhishek Nitin Deshpande  Fatigue Characterization and Anisotropic Modeling of Solder Alloys, Vibration Fatigue and Thermal Cycling of PWAs   despande@umd.edu
Weiping Diao  Battery Reliability wdiao@terpmail.umd.edu
Erick Gutierrez  Transient Liquid Phase Sintering eguti007@terpmail.umd.edu
Mauricio Gutierrez Prognostics and Lithion  Batteries  mgutierr@umd.edu
Zhou He  Waterproofing of Smartphones zhe12@umd.edu
Hamidreza Habibollahi Najaf Abadi Artificial Intelligence and Prognostics of Electronics hamidh@umd.edu
Prabhat Janamanchi  Adhesive Joint Reliability  prabhatj@umd.edu
Sriram Jayanthi Reliability Impacts of Underfill Selection jayanthi@umd.edu
Qian Jiang  Characterization and Anisotropic Modeling for Solders, Reliability of Copper RDL in WLCSP   qjiang@umd.edu
Varun Khemani  Prognostics and Health Management of Electronics vkheman@terpmail.umd.edu
Changsu Kim Electronic Packaging and Reliability, Characterization of Polymers csk@umd.edu
Kong Lingxi  Lithium-ion Batteries lkong@umd.edu
Namkyoung Lee Prognostics and Health Management nklee@umd.edu
David Leslie  Physics of Failure of Complex Outdoor Lighting Systems   dleslie@calce.umd.edu
Xiao Lin  Fatigue Damage Caused by Multiaxial Vibration Excitation in Electronic Assemblies  xiao365@umd.edu
Yizhou Lu  Reliability of Power Electronic Modules for Off Shore Wind Turbines lvyz123@umd.edu
Gilad Nave Transient Liquid Phase Solder Pastes gnave@terpmail.umd.edu
Anto Peter Physics-Of-Failure and Reliability Testing of Capacitor Technologies anto@calce.umd.edu
Sukrut Phansalkar Reliability of Semiconductor Packaging, Uncertainty Propagation Analysis sukrutp@umd.edu
Abhishek Ram Efficacy of Screening and Burn-In aram8@umd.edu
Suraj Ravimanalan Storage Reliability for Electronic Components surajr97@umd.edu
Devon Richman  Identifying Counterfeit or Clone Electronic Component drichman@umd.edu
Christopher Riso  3D Printed Electronic Components   chriso@umd.edu
Yonatan Saadon Power Module Reliability yonsa22@gmail.com
Ravin Singh  Waterproofing of Smartphones rsingh10@umd.edu
Jack Yang Reliability of Semiconductor Packaging, Uncertainty Propagation Analysis yhyangv@umd.edu
Zhaoxi Yao Aircraft Smart Motor Thermal Management and Reliability zxyao@terpmail.umd.edu
Andy Yun 3D Printing of Planar Magnetics hey318@umd.edu
Beihan Zhao  3D Printable Inks Characterization and Reliability Testing of 3D Printed Electronics   bzhao12@umd.edu

Interns and Visitors