Faculty and Research Scientists

Bio Research Areas Contact
Prof. Michael Pecht Reliability & Supply Chain Policies 301-405-5323
Dr. Michael Osterman Testing and Simulation-Based Failure Assessment 301-405-8023
Prof. Damena Agonafer The Intersection of Thermal-fluid Sciences, Interfacial Transport Phenomena, and Renewable Energy.
Dr. Michael H. Azarian Failure Analysis, Prognostics and Health Management, Electrical Contacts, Passive Components, Counterfeit Detection and Mitigation 301-405-7555 
Prof. David Bigio Polymers 301-405-5258
Prof. Aris Christou Power Electronics, Device Reliability, Flexible Electronics and Displays 301-405-5208
Dr. Diganta Das Parts Selection & Management, Uprating, Component Reliability 301-405-5323 
Prof. Siddhartha Das Soft Capillarity and Wetting, Micro-nanoscale transport 301-405-6633
Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta Interconnect Reliability, Accelerated Testing 301-405-5251
Prof. Bongtae Han Reliability Assessment of Packaging Materials, Components and Assemblies 301-405-5255
Prof. Jay Lee Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence  301-405-5205
Dr. NamKyoung Lee Prognostics and Health Management  (301) 405-5346
Prof. Patrick McCluskey Power Electronics, Component Reliability 301-405-0279
Prof. Michael Ohadi Thermal Management 301-405-5263
Prof. Peter Sandborn Technology Tradeoff Analysis, Life Cycle Cost 301-405-3167
Dr. Robert Utter Electronic Product Development, Failure Analysis (301)-405-3884


Research Students


Aaron Mendelsohn Solder Joint Reliability


Aniket Ajitkumar Bharamgonda Microstructure-based Modelling of Lead Free Solder Joints abharamg@umd.edu
Brett Setera Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Reliability bsetera@umd.edu
Christopher Riso 3D Printed Electronic Components chriso@umd.edu
Clifton Buxbaum Integrated 3D Packaged DC-DC Converter cbux6@umd.edu
Dane Miller Diamond Thin Film Synthesis dlee13@terpmail.umd.edu
David Leslie Physics of Failure of Complex Outdoor Lighting Systems dleslie@umd.edu
Declan Mallamo Prognostics and Reliability of Complex Aircraft Systems dmallamo@umd.edu
Dengyun Chen Solder Interconnect Life Modelings dchen925@umd.edu
Devon Richman Identifying Counterfeit or Clone Electronic Component drichman@umd.edu
Erick Gutierrez Transient Liquid Phase Sintering eguti007@umd.edu
Gilad Nave Transient Liquid Phase Materials Pastes gnave@umd.edu
Harsha Walvekar Component Selection Process hwalveka@umd.edu
Hirbod Akhavantaheri Network Modeling of Counterfeit Electronics Supply Chain hirbod@umd.edu
Hisham Abusalma Reliability of Electronics abusalma@umd.edu
Huwei Dong Prognostics and Health Management donghw@umd.edu
Ibaad Gandikota Composite Potting for Electronic Packaging gandikot@umd.edu
Jack Yang Reliability of Semiconductor Packaging, Uncertainty Propagation Analysis yhyangv@umd.edu
Jacob Welch Fatigue Damage Caused by Repeated Impacts in Electronic Assemblies jwelch23@terpmail.umd.edu
Nikhil Bharadwaj  Electronics Component Reliability nbkulkar@umd.edu
Prabhat Janamanchi Adhesive Joint Reliability prabhatj@umd.edu
Roshith Mittakolu Electronics Packaging and Reliability mroshith@umd.edu
Sahithi Maddipatla Battery Swelling and Prognostics sahithi@umd.edu
Sebastian Winther Additive Manufacturing of Hybrid Circuits swinther@umd.edu
Shao-Peng Chen Open-Systems Procurement and Sustainment spchen@umd.edu
Soma Roy Tribology somaroy@umd.edu
Sukrut Phansalkar Reliability of Semiconductor Packaging, Uncertainty Propagation Analysis sukrutp@umd.edu
Swarup Kumar Subudhi Development, Printing, and Testing of Soft Magnetic Films and CNT-GO-based Electronics swarupks@umd.edu
Xiao Lin Fatigue Damage Caused by Multiaxial Vibration Excitation in Electronic Assemblies xiao365@umd.edu
Zhou He Water Ingress Protection Testing and Assessment of Portable Electronics zhe12@umd.edu

Interns and Visitors 

Name Supervisor or Host Home Institution
Prof. Hassan Abbas Khan Prof. Michael Pecht  Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan
Prof. Hyunseok Oh Prof. Bongtae Han Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Muhil Rajagopal

Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta University of Maryland - College Park

Jonathan Martin

Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta University of Maryland - College Park

Lincoln Vandegriff

Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta University of Maryland - College Park


Former Interns and Visitors