Ph.D. Student Abhishek Deshpande Awarded IEEE EPS Fellowship

Prof. Siddhartha Das Awarded Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award

Weiping Diao, UMD Outstanding Research Assistant

CALCE Founder and Director, Prof. Michael Pecht have been named to the 2021s Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate. 

Prof. Michael Pecht was inducted as Distinguished University Professor.

Prof. Siddhartha Das Named Institute of Physics Fellow

Suraj Ravimanalan Received the 2021 (IMAPS) Steve Adamson Student Recognition Award.

Educational awards and grants received by CALCE:

  • 2 DARPA Technology Reinvestment Program Awards ($6M/3 years)
  • ASSERT Grant ($210K) for graduate student fellowships
  • Allied Signal Educational Grant ($30K)
  • 4 IEEE/NSF Education Award ($30K each)
  • Numerous student grant awards (e.g. IPC, IMAPS, IEEE, ASSERT)
  • Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • ASME Internet Teaching Grant
  • Student Paper Award (Semi-Therm 20, Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium)

CALCE has contributed to several IEEE standards, including:

IEEE P1413

  • Identifies key required elements for an understandable, credible reliability prediction and provides the users of the prediction sufficient information for the evaluation of prediction methods and for the effective use of the prediction results. 

IEEE P1332

  • Provides guidance to suppliers to plan a program that suits their design philosophy, the product concept, and the resources at their disposal, so that every activity adds value. The objective of the standard is to provide products that satisfy the customer.

IEEE 1856-2017

  • Provides information for the implementation of PHM for electronic systems, a framework for classifying PHM capability, and a structure for planning the development of PHM for an electronic system or product