Some benefits of CALCE Consortium membership include:


  • Access to and use of information on CALCE Members Only Area of the CALCE Web Site.
  • Access to and use of the latest copy of  CALCE software at the initiation of membership
  • User support for CALCE software in accordance with the CALCE EPSC Membership Agreement
  • Members may designate supporting organizations (non-EPSC members) for CALCE software licenses. The software license fee will be charged based on an annual fee for each designate supporting the organization business location.



  • Information on state-of-the-art trends in electronic packaging
  • Free attendance for Member employees to Technical Review meetings
  • Priority enrollment for Member employees in CALCE short coursesworkshops and seminars
  • Discounts on CALCE coursesworkshops, and seminars
  • One day on-site Software training and on-site annual presentation of CALCE research activities each year, at a mutually agreeable time (for Full EPSC Members and Super EPSC Members only)

Cooperative Programs

  • Participation in cooperative programs with the University
  • Upon request, specially tailored programs to assist Members with recruiting University of Maryland students
  • Representation on Industrial Advisory Board**

**[IAB: Each Full and Super Member may appoint one voting member to the IAB.  The IAB reviews and provides advice on Consortium practices and research priorities to ensure that they are consistent with industry concerns; guides and oversees EPSC research; and provides valuable advice is considered in shaping the policies (contracts) and directions of the CALCE]


Consortium Research Project

CALCE performs Consortium research projects on an annual basis. These research projects are developed in collaboration with CALCE EPSC Members. Consortium Projects are designed to be consistent with the Consortium Thrust Areas that are developed by the Center to address the needs of Members and the Consortium as a whole.  Consortium research proposals are presented at the Planning Meeting and become part of the next year's research agenda at the Fall Review Meeting.  The results of Consortium research projects are shared with all CALCE EPSC Members (including additional sites and small companies). CALCE does not publish results or findings of Consortium Research Projects until six months after project completion.  Exceptions to this rule must be presented at the IAB meeting and pass with no dissenting votes.


Software and Materials Policy

The use of Materials and Software developed by the CALCE Center is available to Members of the CALCE EPSC according to the terms and conditions of the CALCE Membership Agreement. Members can download, install, and utilize the CALCE Software and access the Members' only area of the CALCE web site.  Use of the Materials is restricted to the Member's Designated Site.  Updates, enhancements, and bug fixes are also posted periodically.   Site membership can be obtained for additional Designated Sites. A Super EPSC Member can specify unlimited Designated Sites.


Copyright and Patent Procedures

CALCE follows the Copyright and Patent Policy approved by the University of Maryland's Board of Regents.

The Policy on Copyrights,  approved by the Board of Regents on May 31, 1990, governs intellectual property rights in materials subjects to copyright protection.

The Policy on Patents, approved by the Board of Regents on May 31, 1990, and the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) Procedures on Patent and Technology Transfer approved by the President on August 1, 1991, govern intellectual property rights and procedures for applying for patent protection in inventions conceived of and developed at or in association with the University.

All material generated by the CALCE Center is owned and copyrighted by the University of Maryland. CALCE encourages Members to work with CALCE investigators to help identify and develop publications and presentations to disseminate the copyrighted material.  Concerning intellectual property, CALCE investigators will pursue intellectual property protection on any material that is perceived to have commercial value.  CALCE will inform members of all intellectual property disclosures at the annual meetings or through email. CALCE Members are encouraged to work with CALCE investigators to intellectual property in the development of new products and services.