Companies and government organizations are invited to join the EPS Consortium. Current CALCE EPS Consortium Members can be seen here. All Members are required to sign the CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Consortium Membership Agreement. Consortium membership options and benefits are shown below. Policies on using CALCE Materials and Software along with copyright and patent procedures are also listed below. For more information, please refer to FAQs and ROI or contact


Membership Options

Regular ESPC Membership Site Membership Enterprise ESPC Membership
This membership option requires an annual membership payment of $65,000* and provides member benefits to a single business location. This membership option allows for multiple business locations to receive benefits. Site Membership is for an individual designated site and requires an annual membership payment of $15,000.  This membership option is suited for large organizations with more that 4 business locations. This membership allows assignment of unlimited designated sites and requires an annual membership payment of $125,000*.

*Initiation Fee: All new members shall pay a one-time initiation fee of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000).


Consortium members have access to research findings and tools, influence research direction and projects.  Members also received discounts on workshops, short courses, and lab projects.  More details can be found here

Export Control

CALCE conducts fundamental research, and all discoveries and developments are based on fundamental research. Further, due to international participation, CALCE does not engage in any work that includes ITAR sensitive materials.


Publications Policy

Publication of results and finding from CALCE Consortium Research Projects outside of the Consortium sponsored meetings will be withheld until six months after the completion of the project.  Exceptions to this policy can be sought at a CALCE IAB meeting.  An exception will be granted so long as there are no objections.

CALCE investigators seeking to use Member specific material within a report or presentation will work directly with the Member who provided the material.  The Member has up to ninety (90) days to review a report or paper prior to submission for publication or public presentation for the inclusion of proprietary and confidential information provided by the Member and request the deletion of such information or a delay in publication so that the Member may take appropriate steps to protect its rights in such information.  Any concerns by a sponsor regarding publication must be communicated in writing to the Director of the CALCE Center within sixty (60) days of receipt of the advance copy of the publication.


The University of Maryland Commitment

Membership fees are entirely dedicated to the CALCE EPSC research efforts and the programs of Consortium and education.  The University has made a commitment not to include its overhead charges in the membership fee and provides over 25,000 square feet of space.