Dr. Diganta Das (Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, B.Tech., Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology) is an Associate Research Scientist at the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering.

His expertise is in reliability, environmental and operational ratings of electronic parts, uprating, electronic part reprocessing, counterfeit electronics, technology trends in electronic parts, and parts selection and management methodologies.

He has been the technical editor for two IEEE standards and is currently vice chair of the standards group of the IEEE Reliability Society. He is a group leader for the SAE G-19 counterfeit detection standards group. 

He has been the Founding Chair of the CALCE/SMTA Counterfeit Parts and Materials Symposium since 2007. He is chair of the SAE committee developing counterfeit product detection standards. He also participates in several other SAE standard developments related to counterfeit electronics. He has been an Associate Editor of the journal Microelectronics Reliability. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt and a member of IEEE, IMAPS, SAE, and SMTA. 

His current research interests include electronic parts supply chain, counterfeit electronics avoidance and detection, light emitting diode failure mechanisms, cooling systems in telecommunications infrastructure and their impact on reliability, and power electronics reliability.

In addition, Dr. Das is involved in prognostics-based risk mitigation of electronics.  Dr. Das has published more than 75 articles on these subjects, and presented his research at international conferences and workshops.