Prof.  Song-yul Choe delivers a talk on "Modeling, Analysis, and Control of High-Power Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries" at CALCE

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Prof. Song-yul Choe from Auburn University presented his research on "Modeling, Analysis, and Control of High-power Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries" to the CALCE team on December 2, 2019. His presentation addressed not only modeling, but also experimental methodologies to test and characterize electrochemical, thermal, and mechanical characteristics of cells. He also summarized the current states of his research.

According to Prof. Choe, the efficiency of power generation and distribution can be substantially improved by employing electrochemical storage devices that capture excessive energy and retrieve it when needed. Lithium-ion batteries are the most preferred storage device because of their high power and energy density. However, advances in battery materials and the complex structure of batteries make it difficult for design engineers and researchers to fully understand the mechanisms involved in ion transport and intercalation/de-intercalation processes and in conjunction with heat and mechanical stress along with degradation. As a result, energy storage systems are not optimally designed overall.

Prof. Song-yul Choe received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Technical University of Berlin. He teaches mechatronics; feedback controls, systems and dynamics; and hybrid and fuel cell systems and components. His research focuses on modeling, analysis, and controls of power sources, including piezoelectric materials, fuel cells, and batteries for automotive applications.

For more information on his research, please contact Prof. Pecht.

Published December 18, 2019