Dr. Nikhil Vichare from Dell Technologies Speak on “PHM of Client Computer Systems and Intelligent Management of Batteries"

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 Dr. Nikhil Vichare, from Dell Technologies and a UMD alumnus, presented a lecture on “PHM of Client Computer Systems and Intelligent Management of Batteries” on December 9, 2019. He discussed various strategies used in the industry for comprehensive health management that scales to support hundreds of millions of Edge devices. His talk highlighted the unique challenges and example solutions for training and deployment of machine learning models for a variety of PHM tasks on a diverse set of system configurations. He also covered real case studies of using battery telemetry data and machine/deep learning to develop intelligent solutions to enhance personalization, management, and serviceability of batteries.

Dr. Vichare is a Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies. His primary focus is applied machine learning and data science. He was the lead data scientist and key contributor in developing the industry’s first predictive support service for PCs and the first AI-based performance optimization solution.

In his role at Dell, Dr. Vichare has trained machine learning and deep learning models that have been deployed on millions of Edge devices. He holds 21 U.S. patents and has 20 additional patents pending for developing innovative solutions using instrumentation and algorithms.

Dr. Vichare received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. He is the author and co‐author of over 25 journal articles and is a contributing author for four books.

Published December 19, 2019