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Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) Testing

The Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) Chamber exposes connectors, contact surfaces, and other electronic equipment to a mixture of pollutant gases in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. Its purpose is to accelerate failure mechanisms seen during a product's long-term use in an office, light industrial, moderate industrial, or heavy industrial setting.


Flower of Sulfur (FoS) Testing

Flower of Sulfur (FoS) tests are used to examine the susceptibility of test articles to sulfur-based corrosion.  Defined by ASTM-B809-95 (2018), which was originally approved by ASTM in 1990, the  Standard Test Method for Porosity in Metallic Coatings by Humid Sulfur Vapor ("Flower-of-Sulfur") was developed to test the porosity of metallic coatings over silver, copper, and copper-alloy substrates. With the advent of lead-free electronics, variations of the original FoS test have been developed and reported in the literature.  In particular, the test has been used to successfully demonstrate silver corrosion weaknesses that have escaped mixed flowing gas (MFG) tests.