CALCE researches system health for nuclear plants

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CALCE has received a research award from the Idaho National Laboratory for a project that will investigate system health management for nuclear power plants. Led by Dr. Michael Azarian, CALCE will explore the use of data-driven and hybrid-prognostics approaches exploiting component physics-of-failure models. Additionally, machine learning techniques will be used to help predict future failures of nuclear plant equipment and systems.

CALCE researchers will gather data regarding plant operation and management in consultation with plant operators; review current prognostics and health management methodologies (PHM) being used in plant equipment; and recommend approaches for implementation of PHM in operational environments of the nuclear plant. CALCE will also perform supply chain surveillance review and assessment for long term support of high-reliability, long-sustainment systems to be led by Dr. Diganta Das.

For more information regarding applications of prognostics, contact Dr. Michael Azarian.

Published July 24, 2019