Automotive Innovation Best Paper Award 2021

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Autmotive Innovation Best Paper Award

The 2021 publication titled Joint Estimation of Inconsistency and State of Health for Series Battery Packs authored by Yunhong Che and Xiaosong Hu of Chongqing University, Aoife Foley of the University of Dublin, Moustafa El‐Gindy and Xianke Lin of Ontario Tech University, and Prof. Michael Pecht of CALCE, University of Maryland has been selected as the recipient of the Best Paper Award 2021, presented by the journal Automotive Innovation.  The best paper award ceremony was held in Shanghai during SSAE China Congress & Exhibition 2022.

The objective of the annual Automotive Innovation's best paper award is to recognize outstanding contributions to the body of theoretical or practical knowledge in the automotive field. It is hoped that more engineers and researchers could publish their research in Automotive Innovation. The award committee selected the paper based on the general quality of the paper, subject matter, originality, scientific, technological, and innovative excellence of the paper, as well as the download and citation counts.

This award recognized outstanding research contributions in the field of automotive technology. The Publication has been selected as the winner among many high-quality submissions, and the selection committee was impressed by the research's originality, rigor, and impact.


For more information about the award and the related research work please contact Prof. Michael Pecht

Published February 7, 2023