Are Amazon Basic Products Safe?

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Lightning Cable with Melted Connector

Recently, CNN presented a news story featuring multiple reports of safety concerns associated with Amazon Basic Products.  The story featured melted battery charges, power stripes, and USB phone chargers.  As part of this story, CALCE worked with CNN to examine Amazon Basic Lightning cables and microwave ovens.  For this activity, CALCE conducted construction analysis, electrical test, material characterization, and more.


Microwave Oven Under Investigation in CALCE Lab

For more than 30 years, CALCE has been a world leader in supporting companies and organizations in the development of cost-effective, reliable, and safe electronics as well as providing methods for risk assessment, management, and mitigation. CALCE conducts share research project for member organizations, failure, and test services under fee-for-service contracts, as well as training engineers in material and reliability science, test methods, diagnostic and prognostic assessment, part management and assessment strategies, and life cycle cost modeling for electronic product and systems


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Published September 14, 2020