Professor Pecht gives Keynote address at Machine Learning for Cyber Security Conference

Center Director, Prof. Pecht gave a keynote talk at the Second International Conference on Machine Learning for Cyber Security, in Xi’an, China, this September 2019. His keynote talk, titled “Addressing Hardware Security in Information systems” discussed CALCE’s fundamental research to determine if the anomalous behavior of Information Systems could be caused due to hardware trojans or counterfeit components. Furthermore, the approach is used to distinguish between natural system aging and “maliciously induced” aging and also provide a diagnosis and prognosis of hardware attacks.

The International Conference on Machine Learning for Cyber Security is annual international conference organized by Xidian University.  Swinburne University of Technology sponsored the conference alongside Trend Micro, Stratus, State Key Laboratory and Springer.

For more information on CALCE work on supply chain security, please contact, Prof. Michael Pecht, or visit his webpage.

Published September 26, 2019