Dr. Osterman Gives Spotlight Presentation at 2018 SMTAI

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On October 17, 2018, Dr. Michael Osterman made a Spotlight presentation at the 2018 SMTA International Conference in Chicago, IL. Presentation was entitled "Modeling Temperature Cycle Fatigue Life of Select SAC Solders," and the abstract and presentation are available below.

While tin-silver-copper (SAC) solder with 3-4 percent silver content by weight has been examined and adopted extensively, low-silver and no-silver solders are being proposed and used for electronic assemblies. When considering a solder material, the ability to make sure interconnects formed with the solder meets the product life requirement is critical. However, solder interconnects are rarely tested under end use conditions. As a result, models are needed relate physical test results to end use conditions or to predict performance under end use conditions. To establish models and provide confidence in models, time to failure data for known part geometries are needed. With sufficient information, users of model can have confidence in the predicted results. In this paper, a large test data set obtained from the INEMI Alternative Solder Alloy Study is used to establish the Engelmaier model constants for based on silver content. In addition, the Norris-Landzberg model constants for the same alloys are established. The derived models allow for the estimation of temperature cycle-induced fatigue failure of solder interconnects under test and use conditions.

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For further information, contact Dr. Michael Osterman at osterman@umd.edu.

Published October 18, 2018