Dr. Azarian Delivers Opening Keynote to Trusted Electronics Workshop in Germany



michael AzarianThe microelectronics supply chain is subject to pressure from many quarters, including supply shortages, shortened product life cycles, cost reduction, geopolitics, and low risk/high profit for counterfeiters. These factors have increased the prevalence of counterfeit parts. Dr. Azarian’s keynote introduced a five-point strategy for securing the supply chain, described a methodology for assessing the risk from counterfeit parts, and offered solutions for mitigating that risk, including testing according to the SAE AS6171 standard, the use of advanced authentication methods, and the CALCE-developed method of Prognostics and Security Health Monitoring.


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Keynote: Assessing and Mitigating Vulnerabilities to Counterfeit Microelectronics: The SAE AS6171
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Published May 25, 2023