CALCE Briefs Army Futures Command on Supply Chain

Dr. Peter Sandborn, Dr. Diganta Das, and Mr. Hirbod Akhavantaheri from the University of Maryland briefed the Army Futures Command on Blockchain for Supply Chain and the Evaluation of Risk Management Policies for Procuring Electronic Parts. The presentation discussed what blockchain for the supply chain means, its differences and similarities to other blockchains, and the practical considerations for how blockchain for the supply chain would age and impact the procurement of parts after their discontinuance.

The Potential Takeaways of the presentation were:

  • There is potential value even in the simplest blockchain.
  • Network modeling can quantify the value as demonstrated and the negative effects of policies and technologies.
  • There needs to be more work to study the effects of implementing blockchain.

For more information about the briefing at the Army Futures Command, please contact Dr. Diganta Das and Prof. Peter Sandborn.

Published April 26, 2023