CALCE Webinar - Long-Term Storage of Electronic Components: What Do You Need to Consider

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

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Industries are being forced to undertake long-term storage of electronic components to support the production and maintenance of long-lifecycle products. The organizations undertaking such storage are responsible for developing and implementing the process and are liable for any losses that may occur during storage. If the stored components become unusable, the investment made in the process will be lost, and the products they were to support will be in jeopardy.

There are industry standards and recommendations for long-term storage conditions, but they cannot be directly applied for many reasons. For example, components and their carrier/protective materials change, new technologies get introduced, and unexpected climatic and other emergencies occur.

In this webinar, Dr. Das will present a comprehensive review of the existing standards and component manufacturer recommendations for the long-term storage of electronic components. He will show how these standards and recommendations differ from the requirements that the product manufacturers face and what needs to be considered to accommodate those requirements. He will then focus on the influence of carriers and packing materials on the potential degradation of long-term stored electronic components and the correlation between the storage conditions and duration. He will close by identifying other risks that are often overlooked and their possible mitigations.

About the Presenter: Dr. Diganta Das (Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, B.Tech, Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology) is a member of the research staff at the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering. His expertise is in reliability, environmental and operational ratings of electronic parts, uprating, electronic part reprocessing, counterfeit electronics, technology trends in the electronic parts and parts selection, and management methodologies. He performs benchmarking processes and organizations of electronics companies for parts selection and management and reliability practices. </p>

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