Simulation Assisted Reliability Assessment (SARA ®)

Simulation Assisted Reliability Assessment (SARA) - A CALCE methodology that uses physics-of-failure based principles and software to assess whether a part/system can meet defined life cycle requirements based on its materials, geometry, and operating characteristics. The software implements math-based physics models and allows for the creation of a computer model of the design. Thus, the design can be assessed prior to fabrication. The SARA software is used to support the CALCE Design for Reliability (DfRTM) assessment process, which allows design engineers to interactively make design changes and rapidly assess the impact of product reliability. The SARA software can be used to assess life expectancy of electronic hardware under anticipated life cycle loading conditions, as well as under accelerated stress test conditions. The assessment of life expectancy under anticipated life cycle loading conditions is referred to as the virtual qualification (VQTM) process.

CALCE Simulation Assisted Reliability Assessment (SARA) Software


  • CalcePWA
  • CalceFAST
  • CalceWhiskerRiskCalculator
  • CalceEP


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