Non-Destructive Evaluation

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X-ray Microscopy 

X-ray microscopy permits nondestructive assessment of internal damage, defects, and degradation in microelectronic devices. Illuminating a sample with X-ray energy provides images based on material density that allow characterization of solder voiding, wirebond sweep, and wirebond breakage in components. In addition, X-ray microscopy can reveal anomalies such as die attach voiding, solder pooling, or die shifting. Used in conjunction with scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM), X-ray micrography is a powerful non-destructive tool for pinpointing failure sites in electronic components.

CALCE houses a state-of-the-art GE Nanomex X-ray system capable of performing 2D and Computed Tomography (CT, 3D) inspection, with a maximum resolution of 0.3 mm, magnification of up to 10,000X, and a maximum tube voltage of 160 kV. Automated modules help with X-ray inspection of BGAs, LSPs, QFPs, QFNs, and PTHs, void calculation, and performing wire sweep measurements.



X-ray image of a Field Effect Transistor (FET) showing voids in the solder attachment and inclusions bridging across Gate and Source terminals.


CALCE X-ray system capable of 2D imaging