Non-Destructive Evaluation

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Scanning Magnetic Microscopy (SMM)

Failure site identification is a critical step in successful failure analysis. A recent breakthrough in detection technology, the scanning magnetic microscope (SMM), uses the magnetic fields given off by current-carrying traces/metallizations to pinpoint the location of shorts, opens, and other electrical faults.

The NEOCERA Scanning Magnetic Microscope (SMM) is a sensitive near-field imaging system for the measurement of weak magnetic fields. The system can map out current carrying wires by measuring the magnetic fields produced by the currents, or can be used to image fields produced by magnetic materials. With a spatial resolution of as low as 10 mm, this imaging system can be used to accurately detect and locate shorts and opens in integrated circuits and printed wiring boards.


Location of a package-level short using scanning magnetic microscopy (SMM). Computed current path is overlaid the circuit diagram