TE Connectivity Visits CALCE

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Members of TE Connectivity’s Material Science Group, including senior principal engineer Dr. Rod Martens, principal scientist Dr. Greg Pawlikowski, and senior manufacturing and process development engineer Dr. Suvrat Bhargava visited CALCE to present a research seminar (abstract below) and identify opportunities for collaborative work in the area of electronic connectors and sensors.

During their visit, they gave an introductory talk on TE Connectivity and their group's area of research. Later, the team met with members of CALCE research staff to discuss opportunities for collaborative work in the shared areas of interest with a particular emphasis on CALCE's work on the selection of lubricants for electrical contacts. The session ended with laboratory tours to the visitors.

At the heart of every electrical connector is the separable interface. To reliably pass electrical power or signals across this interface, it must be engineered as a system to optimize its performance and cost. The basics of contact resistance are reviewed, followed by a description of how the properties of the bulk conductor, underplate and contact finish interact to enhance the properties of the interface.

Published September 20, 2018