Professor Pecht Delivers Keynote Talk at the International Battery Safety Workshop 2019

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Professor Pecht and two former CALCE visiting scholars, Dr. Yongquan Sun of Harbin University of Science and Technology and Dr. Xingyan Yao of Chongqing Technology and Business University, presented talks at the 3rd International Battery Safety Workshop 2019. IBSW 2019 is a yearly event and was held this year in Beijing, on October 7-8, 2019, and was organized by Battery Safety Laboratory of Tsinghua University. The theme of the workshop was “Towards Safer High Energy Batteries for Electric Vehicles”. Prof. Pecht’s talk was titled “The use of UL 1642 in impact testing of high capacity Li-ion cells”.

Dr. Yongquan Sun, talk was titled “Investigation of arcing in cylindrical Li-ion batteries,” which was coauthored by Prof. Pecht. In his talk, he pointed out concerns that arcing can occur in cylindrical Li-ion batteries and result in safety issues.

Dr. Xingyan Yao presented her research on the reliability of cylindrical Li-ion battery safety vents, which she initiated with the CALCE team.

For more information on CALCE work on supply chain security, please contact, Prof. Michael Pecht, or visit his webpage.

Published October 28, 2019