Dr. Bernhard Czerny from Vienna University of Technology Discusses Wire Bond Technology at CALCE

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Bernhard Czerny from the Christian Doppler Laboratory at the Vienna University of Technology presented a talk on his research on “Wire Bond Reliability and Accelerated Mechanical Testing” to students, faculty and staff at CALCE on Thursday, September 5, 2019.  Dr. Czerny was hosted by Professor Patrick McCluskey.

Dr. Czerny specializes in fatigue investigations of interconnects in power electronics and is currently a post-doctoral fellow developing accelerated mechanical fatigue testing methods. He has published 25 scientific papers, and holds three patents in the field of microelectronic reliability.

According to Dr. Czerny, common and rapid methods exist for qualification of wire bonds, such as static pull or shear tests, but their correlation with long term reliability is suspect.  Accelerated testing methods such as active and passive thermal cycling of entire modules, while providing more information about the lifetime and long term performance of the interconnects, are time consuming and costly.  Demands for high performance and high reliability in power electronics, combined with decreasing time to market, require qualification methods that are both quick and accurate predictors of wire bond reliability. In his talk, he presented a highly accelerated innovative procedure for lifetime assessment of wire bonds and showed examples on various types of bond wire connections.

CALCE and the Christian Doppler Laboratory  at the Vienna University of Technology are in discussions regarding academic collaborations for further research in the area of interconnect testing.

Published September 11, 2019