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Authority Standard Test Method Title
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A100-A Cycled Temperature Humidity Bias Life Test
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A101-B Steady State Temperature Humidity Bias Life Test
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A102-B Accelerated Moisture Resistance - Unbiased Autoclave
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A103-A High Temperature Storage  Life
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A104-A Temperature Cycling
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A105-B Power and Temperature Cycling
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A106-A Salt Atmosphere
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A107-A Bias Life
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A108-A Highly-Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test (HAST)
JEDEC JESD-22 22-A110-B Vibration, Variable Frequency
JEDEC JESD-22 22-B103-A Mechanical shock
JEDEC JESD-22 22-B104-A High Temperature Continuity
JEDEC JESD-22 22-C-100-A Physical Shock, Multilayer Printed Wiring Board
IPC TM-650 2.6.5 Temperature Cycling, Printed Wiring Board
IPC TM-650 2.6.6B Temperature
IPC TM-650 2.6.7A Thermal Shock and Continuity, Printed Board
IPC TM-650 Thermal Shock--Polymer Solder Mask Coatings
IPC TM-650 Thermal Shock, Continuity and Microsection, Printed Board
IPC TM-650 2.6.9 Vibration, Rigid Printed Wiring
IPC TM-650 2.6.13 Assessment of Susceptibility to Metallic Dendritic Growth: Uncoated Printed Wiring
IPC TM-650 2.6.14A Resistance to Electrochemical Migration, Polymer Solder Mask
IPC TM-650 2.6.15B Corrosion, Flux
IPC TM-650 2.6.19 Environmental and Insulation Resistance Test of Hybrid Ceramic Multilayer Substrate Boards
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 1005.8 Steady state life
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 1006 Intermittent life
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 1007 Agree life
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 1009.8 Salt atmosphere (corrosion)
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 1010.7 Temperature cycling
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 1011.9 Thermal shock
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 1016 Life/reliability characterization tests
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 1031 Thin film corrosion test
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 1033 Endurance life test
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 2001.2 Constant acceleration
DEFENSE DEPT. MIL-STD-8838 2002.3 Mechanical shock