Non-Destructive Evaluation

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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

CALCE performs Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy with an Agilent Cary 670 FTIR Spectrometer, which is a tool for characterizing and identifying organic materials-those containing carbon or hydrogen atoms. These atoms are highly susceptible to infrared (IR) radiation and emit specific vibration frequencies based on their compounds-much like a fingerprint. This allows CALCE to:

  • Characterize chemical materials
  • Identify organic materials and polymers
  • Observe degradation of lubricants and capacitor electrolytes
  • Perform counterfeit detection
  • Study the contamination of electronic components

Because we are able to use the 670 to analyze specific materials' fingerprints, we can perform counterfeit tests by comparing the frequencies of an original sample with a suspect sample. In conjunction with the IR spectroscopy, we use attenuated total reflection (ATR) to directly examine materials-solid or liquid-with minimal sample preparation. The Cary 620 FTIR Microscope allows us to do imaging and mapping to identify chemical information
and study very specific areas and map functional groups. 

For more information on services we can provide through FTIR spectroscopy, please contact us