CALCE Reliability Science Symposium - Spring 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
8:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m.
Online via Webex
Dr. Michael Osterman

Due to University closings surrounding COVID-19, this will be a 100% virtual event available via Webex.

With increased reliance on electronics for safety and security, as well as reliability to avoid costly product returns, packaging and product engineers need to keep up with the latest understanding of failure mechanisms, materials, and methods to produce and maintain electronic products.  In March, the latest findings on methods to assess the impact of combined temperature and vibration damage on electronics, methods for determining residual stress from encapsulation molding processes, approaches for considering ripple current in capacitors, and best test methods to assess life and safety of lithium-ion batteries are just some of the topics that will be presented.  The Reliability Science Symposium, held March 18 at the University of Maryland, is your chance to learn about critical issues impacting electronic reliability and discuss issues with experts conducting cutting edge research in these areas. This one-day meeting is open to the public. Presentations will include

  • Solder Durability Modeling (Acceleration Factors, Life Models)
  • Vibration and Temperature Cycling Durability of SAC Solders: Effect of Sequential vs Simultaneous Loading
  • Durability of Intermetallic Compound (IMC) and Copper Traces under Vibration and Thermal Cycling Loads
  • Impact of Ripple Current on Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Reliability
  • Evaluation and Selection of Lubricants for Sliding Electrical Contacts
  • Comparison of Electrical Contacts Plated with Thick Gold vs. Thin Gold over Nickel-Palladium
  • Approach for Assessing the Risk of Contact and Airborne Substances on Electronic Products
  • Measurements and Predictions of Residual Stresses Caused by Transfer Molding and Compression Molding Processes
  • Reliability of Fabrics Bonded with Halogen Free (HAF) Materials for Electronic Packaging
  • Accelerated Testing and Modeling of Li-ion Batteries

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Audience: Public 

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