Military Industry

For over 15 years, CALCE EPSC has been developing tools and methodologies to help engineers assess, mitigate, and manage risks in electronic products. We have been working with companies from all sectors of the electronics industry, representing complete supply chains in the telecommunications, automotive, and avionics industries. This section of our website has been created to assist engineers within the military industry. It highlights CALCE EPSC resources and solutions of particular interest to this sector, specifically the following:

  • Performing a virtual qualification of products prior to prototype build and test
  • Creating an effective parts selection and management process
  • Uprating commercial parts for use outside the recommended operating temperature range
  • Developing sustainability protocols
  • Improving thermal management
  • Analyzing and simulating the Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Using parts in high temperature applications
  • Developing an accelerated product qualification and quality assurance program

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or are looking for solutions and innovation to decrease life-cycle risks for your next generation of electronic products and systems. We look forward to working together with you.

For further information contact:
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